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Options scale

For MM only select MM scale

Country options:

either select "all" or select individual countries, e.g. B. only Germany

Option Large background images

Different types of background images can be selected. Scenes with large background images are shown alternately with the "normal" stripe lines

City traffic Options:

If stationary traffic is selected here, urban traffic comes to about 50%. City traffic can also be selected using the "Other" options, see below.

Options to configure MM scale lines


Original vehicles from the MM schooner are used. However, almost all vehicles have already been replaced by new vehicles.

MM-Lines with Citytraffic:

If only MM lines are selected, 50% of the city traffic lines appear when you select "City traffic". If Citytraffic is selected here, the train schedules appear more frequently (approx. 90% / 10%)

Dark windows:

Some wagons (for example type 35 DB wagons) then have darkened windows.


If "MLG-Style" is set, the vehicles from Marc le Gad appear in the lighter original style. If the option is deselected, the MLG vehicles appear in the darker version.

Only MLG timtetables

Only the movement lines from Marc le Gad's original color plans are running.

Only own timetable MM-scale

If this checkmark is set, only the timetable mm_own.ttt runs. Own trains can be integrated into these. If the check mark is not set, the mm_own.ttt runs in addition to the "pre-installed" trains.

Background style options

he background can be selected here, also applies to city traffic