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Installation of the files


1. Traffic installation

If traffic is not yet installed, the program can be installed using the traffic_dnld.exe file from the "Traffic_install.ZIP" zip. A program folder "Traffic" is created.

2. Current program version

The file „" contains the current traffic version. The files must be copied to the "Windows / SysWOW64" folder. Existing files must be overwritten with the current version.

3. Create folders for image files, vehicle list and schedule files

If not existing, a folder "Stock" for the vehicle lists and a second one "TTT" for the schedule files should be created in the Traffic folder..

4. Insert vehicle lists and image files.

You will coyp he contents of the zip files "" and "" into the "Stock" folder.

5. Background images

The subfolders from the zip file also have to be copied into the "Stock" folder.

This is the structure of the „Stock“ folder after this two steps:

6. Insert schedule files.

The schedule files from "" are stored in the "ttt" folder.

7. Configuration of the start page after the program start

For the current schedule tables to run, the schedule file "stock.ttt" must be selected from the "ttt" folder.

The file "stock.stb" from the "Stock" folder must be set as the vehicle list.